Chromosome analysis skill training application

This application software can boost your skill of chromosome analysis in a real clinical situation. All chromosome images in this application have been produced from images∗) by courtesy of Nihon Gene Research Laboratory. You can use this application with your own pace of the training.
Patent No.4996711

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All images in this application were produced by using chromosomes extracted from cells willingly donated by some volunteers who consented to use under an education purpose. Not included images extracted from any clinical sample at Nihon Gene Research Laboratory.


  • Individual Licence (1 named personal)
  • Group Licence (10~ individuals)
  • Training software
  • 50 samples of chromosome images produced from normal humans∗1
  • Free technical support for 30 days∗2
CUSTOM MADE PACKAGE LICENCE This licence gives a customer to any type of services whatever being ordered.
25 image sets, each of 46 chromosomes for normal male and female.
Free Technical supports cover issues on installation, the usage of the application and system requirements for the CRASTA for 30 days as from a purchase.